An incompatible mix?

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Why do you watch sitcoms? Is it for escapism? Well-crafted jokes paired with lovable characters?

I watch sitcoms for both of those reasons. In fact, I am currently working my way through New Girl at the moment. However, my favorite sitcom of all time has to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is the only show where I’ve watched all episodes at least three times. I love the dynamic between the characters, and the chaos they partake in usually makes for great comedy. I don’t believe I am alone in this assessment either. This show has a 94% audience…

Social media platforms must act accordingly

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To preface, I am not dogmatically defending my ideas in this post. I am only debating the validity of one solution to the problem stated below. Feel free to encourage discussion and criticize (productively, I hope) in the comment section.

In 2018, after the increasing cases of violence between Buddhist and Muslim people within the country, the Sri Lankan government banned Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp when they found Facebook posts that continued to encourage inciting violence towards members of the Muslim population.

In doing so, it was difficult to organize violence towards any group in the population. It also gave…


One of the best foreign film directors, if not directors

Asghar Farhadi (left) on the set of ‘The Past’. Retrieved from Rotten Tomatoes

What films do you think about when you think of the genre “drama”? Legal dramas? Rich historical narratives? I personally think of Asghar Farhadi films.

I don’t think anyone can create drama out of the everyday like this director. Much of his films focus on small events that occur between families or between family members. Nothing too grand. A jealous woman does not get revenge on her husband by humiliating him in a Victorian-esque setting, an up-and-coming lawyer doesn’t have to contend with the possibility of defending a murderer and an adopted child doesn’t meet their real parents. There’s nothing…

Why are some cops still trigger-happy?

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In 1999, 22-year old Amadou Diallo was gunned down by 41 shots inside the vestibule of his building. He was unarmed. There is an episode dedicated to his story and the investigations following his death in the series “Trial by Media”.

How does one justify shooting someone 41 times? Emotion. More specifically, fear. The officers thought that Amadou Diallo was reaching for a gun when he was shot. One officer can be seen crying on the stand as he is giving his testimony in this Netflix episode, stating that he held Amadou’s hand and basically begged him not to die…

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‘Jagten’ (also known as ‘The Hunt’) is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers.

It is a Danish film with English subtitles, that follows the story of a teacher (played by Mads Mikkelsen), whose life is thrown into chaos by a small lie. This film focuses particularly on his torturous endeavour to become re-accepted by his community, amidst his own personal struggles of reconnecting with his son and starting a romantic relationship in a small town.

‘Jagten’ is a silent thriller, musically. I felt uncomfortable throughout the film despite there being very little background music used. Consequently, there are many…

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Like many of us, I have been afflicted with a terrible disease from a young age. I believed that being in love was the best feeling in the world. That being in love was necessary for the “perfect” life. This belief was so intense that I was interested in how to make a marriage work from about the age of 14.

So what if 50% of marriages end in divorce? I would try and beat those odds.

Alain De Botton’s “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” appeared in my recommendations one morning and changed my perspective. Marriage was no…

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Warning: Spoilers

I know I probably haven’t watched every single romance film ever but I’ve certainly watched a fair share. From a diverse range of directors too. I just haven’t found one that provided a more enjoyable viewing experience than ‘500 Days of Summer’.

However, “this is not a love story”. From the very beginning of the film, we are warned that this isn’t a typical girl meets boy romance. In fact, the two main characters have very different perspectives on love. What often happens in these types of movies is that one of the characters will change their perspectives…

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As someone who had to travel about an hour to school each day (sometimes longer if there was a disruption to public transport) I certainly welcomed my new school setting. This attitude didn’t really shift in the second Victorian lockdown either, although I would rather have completed all of the tests which contributed to my ATAR (the score used to apply for universities) at school.

At first, I would wake up an hour or more before my classes, but as the lockdown progressed I became lazier and sometimes got out of bed 10 minutes before my first online class. I…

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WARNING. Spoilers ahead

Let me set the scene. It’s towards the end of the Victorian lockdown in Australia and you’ve been waiting for the release of the newest Nolan film for months. Deciding that it’s better to obtain a physical copy (as most Nolan films require at least two viewings to fully appreciate it, in my opinion) you decide to wait even longer. Weeks go by and finally, FINALLY, you have the film in your possession. Just maybe, maybe this film will provide you with the much needed temporary relief from the dumpster fire that was this year, you think…

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